About Crown Retreat

Crown Retreat is a luxury resort with modern bungalows right next to the beach in Quy Nhơn. We strive to deliver luxury to the highest international standards, while also staying true to Vietnam with traditional food and decor.

The resort is owned by the Trung Hoi Company and has been open since January 2018. 50 Bungalows have been built out of 100.

From Crown Retreat you can visit Ong Nui Pagoda, explore mysterious caves and see Quy Nhon's famous Buddha statue - the tallest in all of Southeast Asia.

Surf the ocean waves. Visit Trung Luong Camping and fishing village. Snorkel in Trung Luong Beach. Eat fresh seafood. Buy traditional gift such as banh it and nem chua. Go squid fishing.

Visit Bảo Tàng Quan Trung, Đàn Tế Trời ,Hàn Mạc Tử, các tháp Chăm Pa, du lịch biển Kì Co, Eo Gió and Quy Nhơn city

Crown Retreat promises to bring you a fantastic resort experience.